Are you (or your potential clients) uncomfortable with your prices?

 Who else wants to have clients lining up to work with you regardless of what you charge?


Are you hesitant to talk about your prices?

Have you gotten some resistance from potential clients around the cost of your services? 

Does it make you a little gun-shy to even bring up the concept of your fees?

Is it inconceivable to even consider raising your rates?

Good News!

I can help…




How are you going to become the world-renowned authority and New York Times Best Selling Author and highly acclaimed expert in your field with a long waiting list of clients seeking out your help and expertise if you can’t get past the dreaded Price Resistance Factor?

 Hmmm. Good Question.

I’ve got the audio of a training call I did on one of the biggest stumbling blocks for service professionals… “How to Stop Being Intimidated to Talk About Your Prices &  Eliminate Client’s Price Resistance”

And Guess What?     You Can Have It!  

At No Charge – Free For You!

How ‘bout that?

On this audio download, you’ll discover a handful of tips and techniques and mindsets that will make it easier for you to talk about your prices and what you charge, and help eliminate potential client’s price resistance. Some of the things you’ll discover include:


    • What is the key thing you must do if you’re intimidated to talk about your prices?               
  • What are the top two things that are absolutely necessary to eliminate your potential client’s price resistance?                       
  • What is the threshold that people must cross in order to be willing to spend money for your service?                                                                     
  • What does the Insurance Industry do that you should copy? 
  • Why do we de-value our service?
  • What’s pie got to do with it? And, by the way, who wants a piece of it?
  • What is the Income vs Time Equation/Concept?
  • What dollar per hour rate should you charge?
  • How do you calculate how much you are worth?


My goal is that, by the time you’re done listening to this audio recording, you will be re-energized and armed with a fresh perspective on pricing and price resistance so that you can quote your fees confidently and eliminate forever the enthusiasm-crushing and hollow sound of “…too expensive” echoing from the mouths of your potential clients.

…And you may even want to raise your rates when it’s all over. I dunno – I’m just saying – you might think about it.  

So to get the mp3 audio recording, just fill in your name and email below and once you confirm, I’ll shoot you an email back with a link to the password protected page, and of course, the password so you can access it! Now is that a deal… or is that a deal?





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