“Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.” --Edward de Bono


As “A Better You” Coach, I refer to myself as a “holistic business coach” because my philosophy embodies the concept of improving your whole self, and caters directly to how your business fits into your entire life, because…no matter how many signals we are given from the rest of the world…yes, your business is important, but your life is literally, your life.

So what we want to do is create an environment where your business is nourishing and fun and fulfilling and fits nicely into your life. This is the opposite of what many people end up doing with their business. Many business people allow their business to consume and take over their life.

Now that may be a valid choice for you, but we want to make sure that it is literally a “choice” and that your day to day business respects and honors your core values and meshes with your life.

So I see it as my job to help you create your vision for your best business in your best life, and then to help you get there with as few bumps and bruises and limiting the setbacks as much as possible.

I have several different coaching programs available, from group coaching  and mastermind opportunities to one-on-one individualized programs. But in general, I recommend that everyone start with the “Business Breakthrough” session so that we can get a feel for who you are, how your business is currently working or not working for you, where your “stuck” place is, what your vision for your business looks like, and begin to formulate some action steps to start your forward progress in the direction of that ideal business that works for and with you, and stops working against you.

After your initial “Business Breakthrough” one on one coaching session, I can make a determination as to whether or not I feel that coaching is a good fit for you, whether or not we’re a great fit for each other, and if so, then I can make a recommendation for which coaching program would serve you best.

So … who is this for?

My coaching is for you if you’re doing something you love

My coaching is for you if you’re doing something you used to love, but you’ve simply been burnt out or overwhelmed by the day to day drudgery of the administrative aspects of running your business and you’d LOVE to get back to the joy and passion you remember feeling back when you started.

My coaching is for you if you’re just starting out, brand-new and you’re unsure of which direction to go or you’re overwhelmed with all the decisions involved in moving forward.

My coaching is for you if you’re scared, doubtful or intimidated by the process and all that’s involved with growing your business, promoting yourself or looking for ways to attract clients.

My coaching is for you if you’re doing okay, but you just know your business could be so much more, and you’re not quite able to take it to that level on your own.

My coaching is for you if you’ve been struggling to get the reality of your business to match your vision of what it could be.

Nattacia Mantei explains what she loves about Theresa’s coaching. (above)

My coaching is for you if you love what you’re doing, but you just can’t seem to attract the quality or quantity of clients that you’d love to be serving.

My coaching is for you if you’d really appreciate someone to hold your hand and guide you through the process of growing/building your business and developing a significant income.

My coaching is for you if you know that success doesn’t come from your coach, but from your own openness to the learning and growth process (you will make mistakes) and your willingness to accept guidance accompanied by a reasonable action plan that you will actually follow through with.

My coaching is for you if you’re ready for the road to success to be quicker and easier…because really, progress doesn’t have to be excruciating.

My coaching is for you if you’d love to be the award-winning recognized authority in your field.

My coaching is for you if you just plain ol’ want some help getting yourself out there to serve those you’re meant to serve with your gifts, skills, knowledge, talent and experience.

I’m happy to answer your questions about coaching -  feel free to contact me via the contact form here

But all in all, I’d recommend the best starting place as the “Business Breakthrough” coaching session. Just click here to register for your initial session and we’ll get you scheduled.